The Fantastick is manufactured with a twin channel construction. A unique combination of glass fibre fortified with carbon makes the stick more durable than for instance a stick made entirely out of wood.

The Smile

The stick has a midi head with a special dip, “the Smile”, making it easier for children to dribble because you can take the ball along in the dip.

Double V-grip triangles

The little triangles on the grip help the children acquire the so-called double-v grip used to dribble, drive or push.

The Dribble Grip

The Dribble Grip is a unique accessory to the Fantastick. Made out of durable plastic it fits exactly on the Fantastick. The Dribble Grip can be attached to the Fantastick when practising the Indian dribble. In this way, keeping the right hand loosely over the stick (like a small sleeve) is easy and fun to pracise. You can compare this to practising with an empty toilet roll.

Dribble Grip Manual


The stick’s size, weight and measurements fit 4-6 year-old children. These measurements have been determinded after extensive research. The stick is available in 4 types and 6 sizes; 21”, 24”, 26”, 27”, 29” and 30”.

Which Stick Fits?

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