InnoSportNL project

Sportivation, Expertisecentrum Bewegingstechnologie (ECBT), InnoSportNL, InnoSportlab Sport en Beweeg! en ML Hockey Support have worked together in a project to further develop the existing prototype of the Fantastick hockeystick to a tested product ready to put on the market. The ECBT has tested the Fantastick with children from 4 to 5 years old. This research was carried out to answer the following question: is the Fantastick® better than a regular hockeystick? This research has shown that the Fantastick is more fun, easier and more challenging than the regular hockeystick for 4-5 year-old children.

Summary research ECBT

Other partners

During the development and market introduction of the Fantastick, Sportivation has worked with several companies and organisations: